There’s music that breaks down barriers, and then there’s music that obliterates them. Inspired by the words of author Alexis Wright, Australia’s Black Arm Band perform songs from 11 different Aboriginal languages in this soulful show, which will bring to you the heart and humanity of the country and its most celebrated musicians, including Archie Roach and special guest artist Paul Kelly.

Rich with complex harmonies and powerful melody, it will “send a shudder down your spine and bring a tear to your eyes” (The Age). Meanwhile, the cinematic screen behind the musicians opens a window on to the landscapes the music comes from, taking you on an immersive journey across a country you’ll never see quite the same way again.


Archie Roach
Paul Kelly
Mark Atkins
Deline Briscoe
Emma Donovan
Horomona Horo
Fred Leone
Yirrmal Marika
Ursula Yovich

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"Profoundly beautiful," says Theatreview's review.

Paul Kelly interview in the Sunday Star-Times and Archie Roach interview on RNZ National's Nine to Noon with Lynn Freeman.

Paul Kelly interview on RNZ National's Sunday Morning with Wallace Chapman.

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Sunday 28 Feb

Michael Fowler Centre

1hr 20mins (no interval)

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