Fly Me Up to Where You Are New Zealand in Upper Frank Kitts Park is the culmination of a four-year project that began in 2012 and has gathered 15,000 flags made by children aged 8–12 at Decile 1 & 2 schools in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. 

The project encouraged the children to tap their creativity in order to process their concerns, hopes, dreams and ideas. It offers a platform where their voices can be expressed as a collective artwork.

Fly Me Up was facilitated by artist Tiffany Singh, who considers it a priority to provide a space for learning, sharing and connecting to the world around us.

Her hope is to ignite enthusiasm and responsibility in our younger generations for the wellbeing of the community and the world we wish for. 

Fly Me Up sits on the periphery of community service, social work and fine art and represents a conscious development around how we address our own backyard issues.   

Installation design by Meg Rollandi.

Commissioned by Auckland Arts Festival and premiered at Auckland Arts Festival 2013.

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Tiffany Singh interviewed in the New Zealand Herald and The Dominion Post.

Saturday 27 Feb –
Saturday 19 Mar


Frank Kitts Park

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