Pina Bausch appears as herself in the opening scene of Talk to Her, performing in Café Müller while two strangers meet in the audience. 

Each of these strangers will become a caregiver for a woman trapped in a coma, and if this sounds a restrained premise for a drama, count on Pedro Almodóvar to prove otherwise. Obsession, moral jeopardy, soulful comedy and sexual transgression: restraint is not this director’s thing at all. 

Talk to Her “combines improbable melodrama (gored bullfighters, comatose ballerinas) with subtly kinky bedside vigils and sensational denouements, and yet at the end, we are undeniably touched” (Roger Ebert).

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Sunday 13 Mar
Sunday 13 Mar


City Gallery Wellington

1hr 52mins


With subtitles

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