We believe art makes life better. It can brighten our days, bring us together and change our lives. If you believe this too, please…

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Join us from just $5 per month and we’ll say a big thank you very much for your kind donation with these great supporter perks. Want to know more? Check out our FAQs

Get the best seats at the best price

You’ll get access to tickets ahead of the crowd for any Festival-run events like these:

New Zealand Festival 2018
Lexus Song Quest
Wellington Jazz festival

Interesting events for interested people

Want to star in a work of video art? Fancy a midnight tour of City Gallery Wellington? If you like to do stuff that’s arty and unique, you’ll love our new year-round Club events – including talks, debates, performances and parties – focusing on all areas of culture. Come Festival-time there will be behind-the-scenes happenings and tours too.

Check out our latest events.

Know your arts from your elbow

Perfect for the arts addicts or Festival fans, our incredible Content Editor (ex-NZ Listener Books & Culture Editor Guy Somerset) will bring you the juiciest international culture news – as well as specially commissioned art from top New Zealand talent.

The Culture Club FAQs

I’m a Friend of the Festival, what’s happening with that?

We’ve put together this information especially for you on our Friends of the Festival page.

Can only one person join The Culture Club at a time?

No, you can join for two people at the same time. The minimum donation amount is $5 per person (monthly) or $60 per person (yearly). All you need to do is add the second person as an ‘Additional Culture Club Supporter’ when you join.

When will my payment be taken?

For monthly payments, your first payment will occur on the first 20th of the month after you have successfully joined The Culture Club. For example if you join on 31 August, your first payment will be taken on 20 September and the 20th of each month going forward.

For yearly payments, your first payment will occur on the first 20th of the month after you have successfully joined The Culture Club. For example, if you join on 31 August, your first payment will be taken on 20 September. You will be billed again on the same day the following year.

How do I update my account details?

If your payment, address or contact details have changed please contact the New Zealand Festival with your new details and we will update these for you. You can do this by either calling us on (04) 912 0420 or emailing thecultureclub@festival.co.nz.

How do I stop supporting The Culture Club?

To stop your supporter payment to the New Zealand Festival, please either call us on (04) 912 0420 or email thecultureclub@festival.co.nz with your request.

Can I pay a one-off donation?

If you wish to make a one-off donation, you can do so by contacting the Festival directly on (04) 473 0149 and we would be happy to assist.

How do I claim tax back on my donation?

We will email you a tax donation receipt at the end of each tax year, after 31 March. This will be all you need to send the IRD along with your tax credit claim form to claim your refund.

What happens if I book tickets for one of the early announcements, but then another great Festival event is announced on the same date – can I go to both?

As a supporter of The Culture Club you can exchange tickets between different dates for the same show. For example, if you book For the Birds on 8 March, but there is a show you would like to go to announced on that date, you can exchange your tickets for one of the other performances of For the Birds at no cost.

Have we missed something?

If you have any other questions which have not been answered here, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us either by phone on (04) 912 0420 or by emailing thecultureclub@festival.co.nz and we will be more than happy to help.

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